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Web, Cloud and Software Solutions


Kitty Hundal Dot Com Solutions can help you establish your online business presence from beginning to end whether you're a start up or an established small business / professional office.


An effective online presence involves much more than just a quick web site and this presence can contribute a great deal towards expanding and developing your client base by using new and inexpensive marketing practices.


Increased mobility and virtual offices require new ways of looking at how to get the usual routines and client interactions managed. Web, Cloud and Software solutions designed for the small business and professional office are becoming more available and reasonably priced. Customized web, cloud and software solutions can also be provided.

​A comprehensive technical analysis, based on your unique business requirements, is the first step in offering an effective solutions package that meets your specific needs. A plan that you can implement yourself if you wish to or that can be implemented through our services.


Start ups can often get going with nothing more than the technical analysis to guide them to free services which meet their requirements.

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