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  1. Free 30 minute Consultation

  2. Technical Analysis and Requirements document

  3. Technical Support

  4. Site Maintenance, Support and Hosting Subscription (Annual or Monthly)

  5. Manage Business Online Presence (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Directories, etc. including advice and assistance on handling cyberharassment)

  6. Business Web Site. 1 to 5 pages

  7. Business Web Site. Artistic with custom designed graphics. 1 to 5 pages

  8. Commercial Web Site. One custom feature (eg. Shopping Cart) and includes log in and customer account maintenance page. 1 to 10 pages

  9. Business Web Site with custom B2B or B2C Web Application

  10. Software Applications - Client stand-alone, Networked (multi-tier) or Web-enabled (single or multi-tier)

  11. Custom Cloud Solutions

  12. Project Contracts



All Custom Solutions are Secured, Scalable, SEO enhanced, and follow Best Practices
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